American (Hoppy) Brown Ale – Taksgiving

My wife and I have hosted a large (American, even though I’m a canuck) Thanksgiving gathering every years since moving to Denmark. This year will be the first in our own house, and therefor a beer brewed for the occasion was definitely in order. I am a pumpkin beer hater, and also think that the beer should compliment the food, not mimic it. This beer has no spice additions or gourds. It is a rich, Ron Swanson-brown and generously hopped with an American classic, Centennial. A nice dark base goes with the season (and the lack of daylight at this time of the year) while the ~50 IBUs and copious dry hops will keep the beer refreshing, I hope, while people partake in the great American tradition of eating way too much and then going for seconds. Notably, this will be the first of two beers I am currently brewing with The Yeast Bay’s Vermont Ale Yeast, the legendary Conan. 

Recipe. Beersmith recipe file

Target OG 1.057

Target EBC  64 (32.5 SRM)

Target IBU 50


  • 84% Maris Otter
  • 9.25% Chocolate Wheat Malt
  • 5.25% Crystal 60L
  • 0.5% Roasted Barley


  • 24 IBUs Magnum @60min
  • 26 IBUs Centennial -20 minute hop stand.
  • 58g (2 oz) Centennial Dry hops for 4 days (in a 10 litre batch)



Getting this done just in time to have it ready to drink by our Thanksgiving dinner, I hope. I measure my water with a 2 litre measuring cup, and apparently lost count because I had way too much wort and missed my target pre-boil gravity my 5 points, which is a lot. Luckily I opted not to go with first wort hopping as I prefer, and added 30 minutes to the boil. After 30 minutes my gravity was right where it was supposed to, so I am continuing to gain confidence in my system as I am hitting numbers consistently. I brewed yesterday and today discovered that the blow-off tube is paying off because it’s been there as a result of wishful thinking thus far.

This is the blowoff after less than 20 hours in the carboy. It smells amazing!
This is the blowoff after less than 20 hours in the carboy. It smells amazing!

Already impressed greatly with the aromas coming off the blowoff bucket, lots of the expected stone fruit.


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