IPA – Don Juan

Back to basics as it were. One of the main impetuses to start homebrewing in Denmark was that the freshness of American IPA was unreliable to say the least, and in general, I don’t think Europe has produced really spectacular hoppy beers with consistency. IPA was the first recipe I brewed here, and even though my love for Saisons and sours is growing, IPA is my first love so to speak, and fresh, it is unbeatable. After reading IPA by Mitch Steele, and listening to him on the Beersmith Podcast I wanted to take this fresh information and apply it. Firstly, this is a dead simple malt bill, 86% Maris Otter, 10% wheat and 4% simple sugar for dryness. No crystal, nothing to distract from hops. This recipe will use 7 hop varieties in total, including 2 massive dryhopping sessions, the first with American hops, the second with Australia and New Zealand. It is the second in a series of beers using Conan yeast. It is meant to kick ass, and I’ve wanted to name a beer after a piece of classical music. (I am an orchestral musician by trade.) This is named after Richard Strauss’s orchestral poem, Don Juan. It’s in your face, unapologetic and something I’d like any time.

Recipe – Beersmith file

Target OG: 1.066

Target IBU: 90

Target Colour: 10 EBC (~5 SRM)


  • 86% Maris Otter
  • 10% Wheat Malt
  • 4% Corn Sugar


  • 25 IBUs Magnum first wort hops
  • 21 IBUs Galaxy, 20 minute hop stand
  • 11 IBUs Motueka, 20 minute hop stand
  • 13.5 IBUs Nelson Sauvin, 20 minute hop stand
  • 13.5 IBUs Simcoe, 20 minute hop stand


  • 750 ml of a 2l starter of The Yeast Bay’s Vermont Ale Yeast

Dry Hops 1-  4 days (into a 10 litre batch)

  • 30g Cascade
  • 30g Centennial
  • 30g Simcoe

Dry Hops 2 – 4 Days

  • 30g Nelson Sauvin
  • 30g Motueka
  • 30g Galaxy

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