Breakfast Stout, Skåne Frokost

I have a beer loving colleague, Erik who comes from the Skåne region of Sweden, the southern tip, just over the bridge from Copenhagen. Unfortunately Erik hates sour and hoppy flavours so he has yet to have one of my beers. There’s a great brand of grocery store coffee from Sweden called Zoega’s that I usually pick up whenever I’m over. Erik hordes the stuff, so I brewed him a breakfast stout using this coffee in exchange for a package. I used their Skåne roast specifically a way darker roast than you can even get in Denmark, aside from Starbucks. To make sure I didn’t fuck this up, I again used Michael Tonsmeire’s expertise, and brewed a pseudo-clone of Modern Times’ Black House using the homebrew recipe that awesome brewery provides for free. Nothing particularly special about the brew day, the coffee went straight into the primary for the final 24 hours before the beer was racked off and bottled.

Beermsmith file

Target OG: 1.059

Target IBU: 31

Target Colour: 79 EBC, 40 SRM

Grain Bill

  • 54.5% Maris Otter
  • 14.5% Flaked Oats
  • 10% Crystal 60L
  • 7% Carafa I
  • 6.7% Biscuit
  • 2.8% Carafa Special III
  • 2.8% Chateau Cafe Dark
  • 1.5% Roased Barley

Step Mash, 115f for 20 mintes, 154f for 60 minutes, 162f for 15 minutes.

Hop Schedule

  • 31 IBUs Magnum at 60


  • 35g ground dark roast coffee (in a 11 litre batch) in primary for 1 day


  • The Yeast Bay Vermont Ale Yeast


Hit TG of 1.016 in 4 days, added coffee for 1 more day then racked to bottling bucket and let any coffee remaining to settle out for another day. Bottled at 2.2 volumes of CO2.


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