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A series of fortunate events, a festival of brett.

My Gingerbread Saison got a taste last week while I was checking to see it had hit its FG. It tasted like a rather bland saison, and looked kind of murky and awful. The spices I had added were subtle to the point of not existing and there wasn’t much about it that seemed very Christmassy at all. I did stick it outside for the last 5 days to cold crash it the ghetto way (might as well get something good out of the turn in the weather.) In the meantime I pondered what to do with a beer that had not gone wrong in anyway, but wasn’t offering anything right either. My first realization was that for the last 9 days I’ve been stepping up a Brett Trois starter to use in a Mosaic-instead-of-Citra version of Michael Tonsmeire’s Brett IPA which will be brewed on Tuesday. That meant I could safely forget about a beer I had basically lost interest in for a long time because I was going to bottle condition with Brett, and make it one of next year’s Christmas beers. Continue reading A series of fortunate events, a festival of brett.


Heimdall’s Garde/Saison 1 update

My mother in law is visiting from Pennsylvania which has delayed brewing plans a little. Only one of three batches I had planend will be completed this week.

Saison number 1 has completely stuck at 1.021. A single bottle’s worth Orval dregs were pitched almost two weeks ago. Today I pitched 500ml of a large starter of The Yeast Bay’s Wallonian Farmhouse. I go on vacation next week and am hoping to see this beer go into bottles when I return. I will brew an identical grist with the rest of my Wallonian Farmhouse starter later this week before I fly to Barcelona on Friday. It’s a bit of a franken-beer now. I will determine if this, or its sequel will go onto blackberries once they both hit a gravity below 1.008.