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A series of fortunate events, a festival of brett.

My Gingerbread Saison got a taste last week while I was checking to see it had hit its FG. It tasted like a rather bland saison, and looked kind of murky and awful. The spices I had added were subtle to the point of not existing and there wasn’t much about it that seemed very Christmassy at all. I did stick it outside for the last 5 days to cold crash it the ghetto way (might as well get something good out of the turn in the weather.) In the meantime I pondered what to do with a beer that had not gone wrong in anyway, but wasn’t offering anything right either. My first realization was that for the last 9 days I’ve been stepping up a Brett Trois starter to use in a Mosaic-instead-of-Citra version of Michael Tonsmeire’s Brett IPA which will be brewed on Tuesday. That meant I could safely forget about a beer I had basically lost interest in for a long time because I was going to bottle condition with Brett, and make it one of next year’s Christmas beers. Continue reading A series of fortunate events, a festival of brett.


And we’re live

The Morelvej Cellar is setup and the next batch will be brewed this week.

Ugly but extremely effective 2 coil chiller.
Ugly but extremely effective 2 coil chiller.
Stir Plate, Brew Belt
Small Ikea equipment and beer shelves
My BIAB in a Cooler, with space reserved for a ferm chamber to the left
24 litre mash tun for BIAB.
Still lots of room to grow.
Room to grow.
Beers for drinking and for dregs, the Orval is going into a Saison
Very tiny cellar. The Orval will finish a saison being brewed later this week.